Greenflix is the European hub for sustainable filmmaking. We are a film agency and production house with a holistic approach to movie making and sustainability. If you’re wondering how to make your film production more sustainable or if you’re looking for a production partner that cares about the environment, you’ve come to the right place. Greenflix is the gateway to sustainable film production in Europe.

Our mission is to make sustainable filmmaking in Europe easy and accessible, and to co-produce the stories we love. We are conscious of the epochal change that our generation must face in dealing with the climate crisis, and aware of the enormous power that film and stories can have in effecting sustainable change. With Greenflix, we aim to contribute to this cause with what we love the most: Cinema!

Greenflix was born in 2022 after European research on sustainable practices and support for the green transition of film production in Europe. Europe is a territory extremely rich in initiatives for sustainability in the audiovisual sector, but this richness brings along a lot of complexity, especially for co-productions shooting in different countries, facing different regulations, languages, and protocols that can feel overwhelming at times. That’s why we created Greenflix: to simplify complexity, allowing productions to focus on their stories that can make a change.

The idea of Greenflix was initially developed under the name of GreenBubble with the support of the Brussels-based accelerator of sustainable start-ups, GreenLab. In 2023, GreenBubble was selected by WeAreFounder, a fast-track accelerator program to launch innovative start-ups, and was hosted in BeCentral, one of the biggest innovation hubs in Europe. Thanks to the WAF ecosystem and cooperation with Google, BeAngels, and Bruxelles Formation, the project reached its maturity in 2024 and changed its name to Greenflix.

Today, Greenflix, with its holistic approach, offers services divided into 3 different clusters:

Film Agency

As a film agency, we offer advice on sustainability, support in finding film suppliers and professionals, assistance in obtaining sustainable certification for productions, carbon emissions calculation, acting as production assistants, creation of green production plans, promotion of sustainable film productions, and much more.

Co-production house

Greenflix is ready to be your co-production partner if you are planning to shoot part of your film in Belgium. Moreover, we act as your local film fixer to ensure your production works smoothly.


The platform, still under construction, aims to be a free resource center about sustainable production, where you can find information about green film incentives, news about regulations, promotion of new film services and technologies, and provide extra visibility to movies that have implemented green production plans. Moreover, it aims to be a virtual meeting point for like-minded film professionals committed to sustainability.”